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    • 24 Sep 2018
    • 5:15 PM - 7:00 PM
    • OSU Jennings Hall Room 001 (1735 Neil Ave)

    Many in contemporary Japan enjoy the occasions of Halloween and Christmas while the patterns of their daily life honor the traditions of Buddhism and Shintoism. Indeed, Japan is best known to the rest of the world for its Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, especially in the ancient capitals of Kyoto and Nara, together with cultural legacies such as Zen practices, gardens and other forms of art. Today’s presentation will focus on Shinto and gagaku music that goes with Shinto ceremonies.  


    Shinto is Japan’s indigenous religion that long predates the arrival of Buddhism in the sixth century via China and Korea. To this day, a vast majority of Japanese people visit Shinto shrines on seasonal and auspicious occasions throughout the year. Unlike most organized religions, however, Shinto has no original founder, no formal doctrines, and no holy scriptures. One of the best ways to learn about Shinto is to attend a presentation, and to experience some aspects of it first-hand, by those who practice it. 


    For today’s presentation, three priests from Meiji Jingu¸ one of the best known shrines to both Japanese and foreigners, will discuss the relationship among Shinto, nature, and the way of Japanese life.  The three priests will also perform gagaku, Japan’s traditional music, which can transport the audience in the echo of time and space from the ancient to the present. Three wind instruments --sho (harmonica), hichiriki (piccolo), and fuye (flute) that form part of a larger gagaku orchestra – will be featured. Following their short recital, the priests will provide a hands-on workshop allowing members of the audience to try these three instruments. 


    This event is cosponsored by University Libraries in with collaboration the OSU Institute for Japanese Studies. 

Past events

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06 May 2018 Columbus Japanese Women's Chorus 'Hanamizuki no Kai" - The 23rd Annual Concert
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13 Apr 2018 US-Japan Digital Brain Arc Forum: Building a Brain Arc Between the U.S.A., Japan and Beyond for the Digital Future
08 Apr 2018 OSU JSO Spring Matsuri
07 Apr 2018 Marysville High School Evening of Japanese Culture
04 Apr 2018 OSU IJS Lecture: Mark MacWilliams, "Rethinking What’s Sacred about 'Ano Hana' Anime Pilgrimage"
04 Mar 2018 Dublin Japanese Festival
03 Mar 2018 OSU IJS Career Event: Japanese Studies in My Life and Career: Alumni Panel Discussion Ohio-Japan Alumni Network
02 Mar 2018 OSU IJS Lecture: Jeffrey Angles, "Resurrecting Orikuchi Shinobu’s The Book of the Dead"
26 Feb 2018 OSU IJS Event/Brad Richardson Memorial Lecture: Takeo Hoshi, "Japan’s Labor Market and Comparative Macroeconomic Perspectives with the U.S. Economy"
24 Feb 2018 Symposium on Interdisciplinary Approaches to East Asian Languages Pedagogy
21 Feb 2018 OSU IJS Lecture: Lynne Miyake, "Gender Flipped, 'Cutie,' (Non)Eroticized Subject/Objects of Consumption and Production: The Manga Comics Tales of Genji"
13 Feb 2018 OSU Dept. of Comparative Studies/CMRS Lecture: Yukari Yoshihara, "Shakespeare in Japanese Pop Culture"
31 Jan 2018 OSU IJS Lecture: Naoyuki Agawa, "Japan-U.S. Relations in the Changing World: North Korea, China, and America First"
20 Jan 2018 Springfield Symphony Orchestra Concert w/ the Shimasaki Sisters
14 Nov 2017 Ohio Asian American Economic Summit
13 Nov 2017 OSU IJS Lecture: Kaoru Iokibe, "From Black Ships to ONE PIECE: Japan-U.S. Relations"
11 Nov 2017 Ohayo Ohio II: A Japanese Symposium and Cultural Event
10 Oct 2017 OSU IJS Lecture: David Crandall, "Noh as Performance"
14 Sep 2017 The 2017 Ohio State University International Career Fair
12 Sep 2017 401(k) Basics and The Social Security Agreement For Japanese Owned Companies
12 Sep 2017 The Ohio State University Career and Internship Fair
26 Jun 2017 Porcelain: Color and Light exploration
07 Jun 2017 MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship Application Deadline
01 Jun 2017 Japanese Exchange Student Host Family Deadline
21 May 2017 Hanamizuki no Kai 22nd Annual Concert
29 Apr 2017 A Taiko Gala - Dublin Taiko Group
25 Apr 2017 Ikuzo Fujiwara: Environmental Ceramic Art
13 Apr 2017 Kojin Karatani - Historical Stages of World Capitalism
01 Apr 2017 Invitation Program for Japanese American Students
23 Mar 2017 Japan in 2017: Economic Outlook & Trends, Status of Abenomics and JETRO’s Role in Promoting FDI
12 Mar 2017 Free Concert: "From Paris to Warsaw"
02 Mar 2017 The Trump Administration and the Japan-U.S. Alliance
17 Feb 2017 IJS: Japan's Grand Strategy and the US-Japan Alliance

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