Founded in 1997 at The Ohio State University, the Japan-America Society of Central Ohio has had an ongoing commitment to serve the wide and varied needs of the Japanese living in Ohio and Ohioans engaged and interested in Japan. From business, education, and the needs of the diaspora community, JASCO is here to help. 


Over the years, we've developed a core set of signature programs. 


Beginning in 1999, JASCO has hosted the Ohio Japanese Language Speech Contest for high school and university students. 


Our business programs have evolved over time. From cultural training for those going to Japan, to special seminars that are industry specific, to skill building and presentation on the economy. 


Special programs run a wide range of topics. Helping with the 20th anniversary of the Saitama-Ohio sister state relationship in 2010, to tsunami relief efforts, and the celebration of the gift of cherry trees in 2012, special events are simply another example of the diverse and important role JASCO plays in the community.