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2020 Ohio Japan Bowl Handbook


2020 Ohio Japan Bowl Level and Eligibility Information


The 2020 Ohio Japan Bowl is open to full-time students currently enrolled in second- and third-level Japanese language classes in a high school in Ohio, and will feature two levels of competition:

  • Level II, for students enrolled in Japanese 2 or an equivalent class

  • Level III, for students enrolled in Japanese 3 or an equivalent class

We will be following the study guidelines established by the National Japan Bowl. Please see the section below to learn about the topics that will be covered at the Ohio Japan Bowl, along with the required kanji and Japanese expressions.


Please note that the participation level is based on the Japanese language course level, and not the student’s school level. For example, a high school junior who began Japanese language study in junior high school might be studying at a level IV equivalent (such as Japanese 4 or AP Japanese) and therefore would NOT be eligible to participate in Level III of the Ohio Japan Bowl. However, a sophomore or senior enrolled in third year high-school level Japanese language study are eligible to participate in the Ohio Japan Bowl at Level III.

About Japan Bowl Teams

All team members must be studying Japanese at the same level at the same high school.

Students do not need to be in the same class.

A team must consist of two or three students. One student is not a team. We strongly encourage schools to form a team of three students instead of two.


There is no limit to the number of teams that may be sent by one school.

However, a student cannot be a member of more than one team.

Participation Eligibility


2020 Ohio Japan Bowl Team Application

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2020 Ohio Japanese Speech Contest Eligibility Information

If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact jasco@jas-co.org.

2020 Ohio Japanese Speech Contest Sponsors

The 2020 Ohio Japanese Speech Contest is made possible through the support of the following organizations and individuals:



Japan Marketplace

Ohio Wesleyan University

 Shoko Yoshitake

Consulate General of

Japan in Detroit

Honda Trading

Nissin Travel Service

Ohio State University


Dublin Technical Systems

Japan Foundation

Ohio University

Schneider Downs


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